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Maybe You Like It Productions is a student company from the University Of Oxford. They began as custodians of the Owlets, an Oxford University society founded over 200 years ago. They are a group of technicians and creatives with over 100 productions' experience between them, both separately and together including Alan Ayckbourn' Confusions and J.M. Barrie's The Admirable Crichton. They are brought together by a shared passion for creating fast paced, collaborative, high energy theatre, that interrogates modern storytelling and how we frame narratives.



At the Fringe

2020’s ‘Pleading Stupidity’ will be the second consecutive Fringe festival for Producer/Director duo Jake and Caleb and ¾ of the cast. In 2019, after a sold out run of previews, ‘Redacted Arachnid’ attracted 5 star reviews and was enjoyed over its 17 performances by over 700 audience members, selling out by the tail-end of the run. 


The team are all looking towards careers in theatre whether that be onstage or off it, and as such Maybe You Like It Productions plans to become a professional company in the near future. To exercise their creative muscles on a constant basis, they host the weekly Maybe You Like It Podcast, in which Jake, Caleb and guests take plays and films that have never been staged before or are unlikely to ever be staged again, and talk about how they’d stage them

Our Team

Maybe you like it productions are a group of students from Oxford University with a shared passion for fast paced, collaborative, high energy theatre. Our team has two constants at its core:

Caleb is a History and English student at Oxford University. Caleb was involved in theatre throughout his childhood, and was a member of Chichester Festival Youth Theatre, for whom he performed at the Chichester Festival 2014. Caleb is looking towards a career in directing and so has focused on this at University. He has directed three plays; Confusions, The Admirable Crichton (which he adapted) and Matricuslash (which he co-wrote), and he assistant directed Made in Dagenham at the Oxford Playhouse. He has also kept up his acting, performing in The Lonesome West and taking the lead role in A View from the Bridge. Caleb has never been to the Fringe before and he is very excited to be debuting with a play he has written and directed this year.


Jake is a Philosophy and Psychology student at Oxford University.  He has worked on four shows at the 600 seat Oxford Playhouse, The Threepenny Opera, Made in Dagenham, The Oxford Revue and Friends, and Spring Awakening, each time calling as Deputy Stage Manager. He will make it a fifth when he produces James Graham’s This House next year.
Jake co-wrote, produced and sound designed Redacted Arachnid in its sell out run at the BT studio in HT19 and is taking it to the Edinburgh Fringe this summer with Maybe You Like it. He has been in production manager on Top Girls at the Michael Pilch Studio and Hereafter at the North Wal Arts Centre as an assistant. He will again be PM on Hamlet at the Keeble O’Reilly in 2020. Jake also has extensive experience in Stage Management (TedxOxford) Lighting design (The Admirable Crichton, The Only Way is Suffrage, The First Last), Sound design (Confusions, Salome, The First Last), Marketing (A View from the Bridge) and Directing (Confusions) at various Oxford venues as well as at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; acting in The C-Bomb (Greenside) and designing light and sound for The Promise (Venue 13). He has also continued to act on stage (Mojo, Your little Play, Matricuslash, Amadeus), in film (Looks down in the Gathering Shadow, Probes and Cons) and for voice (The Important Things, Audiobook ‘Someone Like You’), and has also tried his hand at film technical work, especially as a sound recordist and Assistant Director (Confessions, Flat White Shark, The Maitre’d). Jake is currently Treasurer of the Oxford University Theatre Technicians and Designers Society committee (TAFF).


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