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Maybe You Like It, Maybe You Don't

Please Note We Are Currently in the process of overhauling the Mission, Vision and Values of Maybe You Like It.

Check Back Here Soon.

Maybe You Like It Productions creates collaborative, high-energy stage shows, audio shows and podcasts that aim to entertain and engage audiences with accessible, comedic work.

We’re interested in exploring how we frame narratives, and what difference that makes to the story we’re telling.

Our mission is to make work that can reclaim theatre's image as, first and foremost, fun, so that as the art form continues to hold a mirror up to society, as many people as possible are looking.

Our Recent Work

2020’s ‘Pleading Stupidity’ would have been the second consecutive Edinburgh Fringe festival for Maybe You Like It Productions, but was sadly cancelled. In 2019, after a sold out run of previews, ‘Redacted Arachnid’ attracted 5 star reviews and was enjoyed over its 17 performances by over 700 audience members, selling out by the tail-end of the run.

Whilst we haven't been able to make work for the stage, we've focussed on our digital output. In summer 2020 we made a radio play of George Bernard Shaw's Press Cuttings, in 3D stereoscopic sound. In the winter we made a sketch show, The Half-Hour Comedy Hour. 

In 2021, we focused on redeveloping 'Pleading Stupidity', with a run at the Camden Fringe, an R&D and a rehearsed reading. We can't wait to return to the stage again in 2022.

To exercise our creative muscles on a constant basis, we host the weekly Maybe You Like It Podcast, in which Jake, Caleb and guests take plays and films that have never been staged before or are unlikely to ever be staged again, and talk about how they’d stage them

Our Team

Maybe you like it productions are a collective of theatre and multimedia creatives with a shared passion for fast paced, collaborative, high energy theatre. They are led by:


Artistic Director

Caleb Barron is a writer, director, poet, and occasional actor. He was the vice-president of the Corpus Christi Owlets and he is a co-founder of Maybe You Like It. He wrote and directed Redacted Arachnid and Pleading Stupidity and he co-hosts The Maybe You Like It Podcast with Jake. He very briefly considered trying stand-up but thought better of it.



Executive Director

Jake Morry is a Producer, Actor, Show Caller, and Stage Manager. For film he is an Assistant Director and runner. He has studied MA Creative Producing at RCSSD and is currently working across a range of projects with The Watford Palace Theatre, Adam Lenson Productions, Grace Dickson Productions, Herts Inclusive Theatre, and more. Visit his online site here:



General Manager

Elspeth Barron has worked building her career in the arts industry since leaving college over 8 years ago, from Creative Apprentice to Learning & Participation Officer. Her roles have given her opportunity to work on many exciting shows including the World Premiere of David Walliams' The Midnight Gang and Sir Ian McKellen's most recent production of King Lear. She is a pretend poet, ukulele player and full-time fan of MYLI. 


A woman in front of a fence

Ellie Cooper is a director and actor who has had a creative hand in all of Maybe You Like It's productions since 2019. You can find her spotlight here and her Mandy profile here.


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