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About Us


Maybe You Like It, Maybe You Don't

Maybe You Like It creates collaborative, high-energy stage shows, audio shows and podcasts that aim to entertain and engage audiences with accessible, comedic work. We’re interested in exploring how we frame narratives, and what difference that makes to the story we’re telling.

We entertain audiences around the UK with well-told stories and fine-tuned comedy. Our mission is to be a force for developing collaborative storytelling and comedy, and people who make comedy and tell stories.

Our vision is for a world where there are structures, spaces and paths in place to allow anyone who wants to tell stories, entertain, and make people laugh to do so, regardless of form, medium, background, geography, or employment status. A world where the best stories and the funniest ideas shine through, but those still finding what that is for them have time and space to develop.


We value collaboration, silliness, working in unison, stories, having fun with ideas, considering and shaping the audience experience, developing comedy, telling compelling stories, making fast and fluid work, joyful creative spaces, creating memorable and entertaining experiences, challenging traditional boundaries of form and media, and challenging traditional processes in theatre.


Check out our recent work around this site.

Our Team

Maybe you like it productions are a collective of theatre and multimedia creatives with a shared passion for collaborative storytelling and comedy. They are led by:


Artistic Director

Caleb Barron is a writer, director, poet, and occasional actor. He wrote and directed Redacted Arachnid and Pleading Stupidity and he co-hosts The Maybe You Like It Podcast with Jake. He very briefly considered trying stand-up but thought better of it.





Executive Director

Jake Morry is a Project Manager, Producer, Actor, Production Manager and Stage Manager. For film he works as an Assistant Director, working with the likes of Kit Harrington, Camilla Mendes and Charithra Chandran. He holds an MA in Creative Producing from the Royal Central Speech and drama and has worked across a range of projects with The Watford Palace Theatre, Adam Lenson Productions, Grace Dickson Productions, Herts Inclusive Theatre, Freight Theatre, and more. For more information visit his online site here:

Development Director

Elspeth Barron is a programmer, project manager, and learning and participation specialist who has worked for Chichester Festival Theatre and currently for the Amabassador Theatre Group. Her roles have given her opportunity to work on many exciting shows including the World Premiere of David Walliams' The Midnight Gang and Sir Ian McKellen's most recent production of King Lear. She is a pretend poet, ukulele player and full-time fan of MYLI. 


A woman in front of a fence

Ellie Cooper is a director and actor who has had a creative hand in all of Maybe You Like It's productions since 2019. You can find her spotlight here and her Mandy profile here.


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