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A selection of our current, past and upcoming projects

Redacted Arachnid

Following the death of his predecessor, an established theatre producer takes on the most expensive Broadway musical of all time. Despite his previous successes, this 'comic book rock opera circus' just won't come together. Scripting issues, cast injuries, a rotating roster of creatives, and the inflated egos of rock stars all stand in the way of 'Redacted Arachnid' being a roaring success.

The Admirable Crichton

A philanthropic wealthy man has his progressive views confronted when he and his children are stranded on a desert island with his most trusted employee, Crichton. The tables are turned as the natural law of society is left behind and relationships are challenged by desperation.

This classic satire from J. M. Barrie has wit and social awareness come together in a hilarious and unique look at class in Britain. 

Adapted to a modern office by Caleb Barron and George Taylor

May 2018

Burton Taylor Studio

Neighbours treated like children, creepy blokes in bars, couples going at it in a restaurant (no, not like that), and a waiter dancing all the way through.

CONFUSIONS explores marital and relationship tensions through three interlinked and hilarious micro-plays. Alan Ackybourn captures the nuance of modern relationships whilst creating slightly odd, yet all too real characters. Despite it being over 40 years since its first performance, CONFUSIONS remains both hilarious and relevant. 


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