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Redacted Arachnid is the play about the musical that went terribly wrong!

“What do we do now? We’ve no theatre, no support, no money: we’ve got nothing.”

The year is 2002, and everyone's favourite teenage web-slinging superhero has just hit the silver screen. His cinematic success begins to turn heads on Broadway, and one man has the vision to bring this friendly neighbourhood vigilante web-slinging, swinging and singing onto the stage.


That man is now dead.

'So much f*cking fun... delightfully original, outrageously funny. Simply a must-see' (Binge Fringe)

Following the death of his predecessor, an established theatre producer takes on the most expensive Broadway musical of all time. Despite his previous successes, this 'comic book rock opera circus' just won't come together. Scripting issues, cast injuries, a rotating roster of creatives, and the inflated egos of rock stars all stand in the way of Redacted Arachnid being a roaring success.

Featuring a satirical retelling of the musical, verbatim performances of real interviews, multirole-ing cast and a ridiculous dance routine, Redacted Arachnid is the unofficial play about the real musical that went terribly wrong.

'Fascinating, insightful, and very, very funny' (MusicalTalk) 

Available to watch online now


1-17th August 2019, C Aquila Temple, Edinburgh Festival Fringe


Throughout the festival, the Maybe You Like It company kept fans up to date with everything they got up to, and gave their thoughts and feelings as they explored.


Maybe You Like It Productions for Redacted Arachnid were:





The Owlets and Maybe You Like it Productions are grateful for the support of The Buskins Dramatic Society, OUDS - Oxford University Dramatic Society, O'Reilly Theatre, The King's Hall Trust for the Arts, Accidental Death Productions and the Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund

They are also incredibly grateful for the generous support of James Venn, Jessica Breakstone, Jules Barons, Ned Deane, Robert Walter Daubeney, Chris Beirne, Yvette Gale and Michaela Saffrin

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