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Ever since we covered Press Cuttings on the Maybe You Like It Podcast, we've been hard at work in lockdown to bring you a radio play revival of one of Shaw's funniest plays.


This farce takes place in an alternate history: it's April 1st, 1911, Westminster has been completely overrun by suffragettes, compulsory military service is in effect, and it's up to Prime Minister Balsquith and General Mitchener to restore peace and tranquillity to a chaotic Britain. Unfortunately, a harmonious nation requires a little bit of compromise, something Balsquith and Mitchener are not accustomed to.


In Press Cuttings, Shaw provides one of his funniest and silliest satires, taking aim at anti-suffragettes, the military, and the lengths politicians will go to to stay in power.

What's more, the play is being produced in Stereoscopic 3D sound! Wear headphones and immerse yourself in the British War Office!

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Don't forget to listen in headphones or use stereo speakers such as those in a car, for the full 3D stereoscopic experience! 

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Rob Merriam

As General Mitchner

"Strange as it may seem to you as a civilian, Balsquith, if you point a rifle at a woman and fire it, she will drop exactly as a man drops."

From a long line of army men, the General doesn't like change, because he's not accustomed to it, and so he can see without prejudice that it's rot.


Jake Rich

As Prime Minister Balsquith

"But you cant shoot them down! Women, you know!"
The Prime Minister is the incompetent leader of Great Britain learning he really can't please all of the people all of the time.


Caleb Barron

As The Orderly

"What am I arresting myself for?"
A barber's son with not military experience, the orderly finds himself caught up in compulsory conscription with little indication that he'll ever get the hang of soldiering.


Gemma Daubeney

As Mrs Farrell

"It's no good flattherin me. I'm too old." 

A stoic Irishwoman with eight children and more sense than anyone she shares a room with, she's been cleaning up General Mitchener's mess for years.


Ellie Cooper

As Lady Corinthia Fanshawe

"Stop. No nearer. No vulgar sensuousness. If you must adore, adore at a distance."
Lady Corinthia Fanshawe is the widely adored and ever so vain president of the Anti-Suffraget League.


Maggie Moriarty

As Mrs Banger

"I had a comrade—a gentleman ranker—whom they called Fanny. They never called ME Fanny."
She's the militant organising secretary of the Anti-Suffraget League who wants nothing more than to take up arms and take on the Suffragets herself.

Cast P/C
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Press Cuttings was directed by Caleb Barron with Gemma Daubeney. It was produced by Jake Rich and Caleb Barron, and the Graphics are by Phil Olney

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